Pray for Tommy

Tommy Hutchins is in rehab after suffering a heart attack while running through his neighborhood with his sister.

Tommy suffers from a genetic heart condition called CPTV. Over exertion or emotional stress can cause his heartbeat to suddenly increase abnormally fast.

On January 2nd he didn't wake up and was brought to Texas Children's Hospital for the fight of his life. He has gone through life saving surgery and endured days upon days of physical therapy as well as other therapies to regain his life the way it once was. 

Tommy has a long road ahead of him. As a community, we can band together to help the family out with the mounting bills that will be coming in the very near future and that will continue to come. With each shirt purchased proceeds from the shirt will go directly to the Hutchins family to help them where they need it the most! If you don't want a shirt but still want to help, click on the donate now click the link below, it will bring you to their go fund me page.